Why you should migrate to Canada

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With migrate to canada, you are going to enjoy a vast of things that might not be in your current country. The beauty of the country is what is making more and more people want to migrate to the country. So what are you likely going to find out when you arrive in Canada?

A lot of lakes
Do you know the saying that everyone is either a saltwater person or a freshwater person? Having the longest coastline in the world and with over 20% of the lakes in the world being in Canada, Canada has the best in both worlds. Salty people and fresh people can live together in harmony.
In Canada, there are over 2 million lakes, including Lake Superior, which is the size of Maine. It is possible to do all the watersports that are done in Australia, without the need to worry about the sharks. You will get one worry-free splash party with no worries.
It is very cold
In Canada, there is no word such as nippy or chilly. When it is cold, it is just cold. Apart from the west coast that is in British Columbia, nowhere else in Canada in winter does an average of less than zero. In the worst parts, it can be as low as -30 degrees Celsius or even 40 degrees Celsius, which is unenjoyable outside.
In the severe wind chill, then going out is a no-no. In 1947, the coldest temperatures were recorded in Canada was at -63 degrees Celsius which translates to the surface temperature found on mass. If that is the case, then the lakes might not be appealing during winter.
Canadians are obsessed with ice-hockey
Canadians like hitting a massive object around the ice and that is because of the many frozen lakes in the winter.