Albanian horoscope Moon Phases – What Do They Mean?

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Have you ever heard of your Albanian horoscope? Often known as Shqipetari, this kind of astrology is based on 12 lunar symptoms from your horoscope (horoskopi). Please read on for more information on the background and consequences of the unique system.

The Background of Shqipetari Astrology

Shqipetari astrology originated in Albania during the 18th century and is based on lunar cycles. The machine consists of twelve diverse moon signs, that happen to be referred to as right after wildlife which were significant to Albanian culture throughout historical past. The twelve signs are called “Lebi,” meaning lion “United kingdom,” meaning wolf “Qen,” which means dog “Kabul,” which means rabbit “Dhelpra,” which suggests lynx “Flaka,” which implies flames “Golemi,” which suggests large “Gjarpni,” meaning serpent “Peshkaqeni,” which implies dragonfish “Miu,” which implies computer mouse and “Kali,” which translates to a rooster.

How Shqipetari Works

The objective of Shqipetari astrology is to supply a manual for personal development and growth. Each indication features its own pair of characteristics that you can use to help you folks make decisions with their lifestyles. These characteristics are related to certain times of the season, therefore they can be used a tool to help individuals plan their lifestyles from the lunar period. By way of example, if someone came to be underneath the signal “Lebi” (lion), then it could be beneficial to allow them to act if the moon is Leo because it will provide them an added boost of bravery and determination. It may also help men and women know how their actions affects all those around them and just how they ought to connect to other people to obtain what they really want away from life.

Interpreting Signs

Interpreting the signs correctly needs knowledge about every single sign’s attributes, along with its relationship with some other indications. As an example, Lebi (the lion) is regarded as a manly signal when Ujk (the wolf) is regarded as feminine. This indicates that Lebi could be a lot more aggressive than Ujk, when Ujk can be a lot more looking after than Lebi. Furthermore, finding out how every single sign concerns another will help figure out compatibility between two individuals who have distinct signs inside their natal maps.


Overall, the Albanian horoscope offers a unique advice about self improvement by depending on both historical information and present day astrological techniques. By understanding your lunar period and interpreting it via this technique, you may acquire greater ideas into your self as well as your relationships with others—all when linking along with your beginnings! Regardless of whether you’re searching for assistance or perhaps interested in learning this excellent type of astrology, studying Shqipetari is definitely an enhancing encounter for anybody considering checking out their religious aspect by way of old practices. In addition, researching Shqipetari can help us far better fully grasp our relationships collectively when we investigate our spot within Albania’s wealthy societal history collectively!