The Difference Between a Violin and a Viola Parts

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Generally people know that a violin along with a viola are two various kinds of stringed tools. But what lots of people don’t know is that you have actually several differences between your two. In reality, the various components of any violin and the parts of a viola are not interchangeable. If you’re interested in the interior workings of the equipment, continue reading to learn about the various areas of a viola vs violin.

Your Body

Our bodies of your violin or viola is usually made out of one particular component of wood. This hardwood is generally spruce, maple, or poplar. The front in the body is referred to as the stomach, and also the back is referred to as the back. The stomach is often made out of spruce since it’s light in weight and possesses great acoustic attributes. Your back is generally made from maple because it’s resilient and strong.

The Throat

The neck area of your violin or viola is attached to the system in the device. It’s normally created from maple or ebony. At the end of the the neck and throat is the pegbox, which happens to be where the tuning pegs are placed. The adjusting pegs are widely used to tune the strings from the device.

The Fingerboard

The fingerboard is on the throat from the tool. It’s made out of ebony or rosewood, and it’s the location where the person sets their fingers to create different information. The fingerboard is slightly curved so that when the gamer presses on it, the string tends to make connection with all the parts of the fingerboard. This assists develop a very clear color.

The Strings

The strings are what make violin and viola songs seem so beautiful. They’re usually made out of steel or gut, and they’re stretched all over the body in the instrument. The number of strings depends on the kind of device violins have four strings, although violas have either four or five strings.


As you have seen, there are numerous distinctions between violins and violas, equally regarding their development and with regards to how they’re performed. If you’re enthusiastic about being familiar with these instruments, be sure you have a look at our blog for further content articles on all things songs!